Friday, 22 August 2014

Flawed nature

'Don't let anyone make you feel like your nature is flawed"
A few months ago I started reading a book by Reuben L.F Habito called Healing breath: Zen spirituality for a wounded earth. Notice how I write "started reading" its not the kind of book that you just rush through, it needs to be digested slowly with understanding. one of the issues discussed in the book focuses on seeing things for what they are. Many people would interpret this differently and I think that's all part of the Zen spirituality, understanding things for yourself.

Growing up I have had people point out things about me that I had no control over like my amazing big eyes and my quiet personality.
" you have big eyes!" thanks for telling me what I already know.
 " why aren't you outgoing like your cousin?'
How does one respond to such comments? Its not so much the comments that really affected me but the tone of voice. Its that kind of a tone that almost says something is definitely wrong with you.
I grew up thinking I was the most flawed human being on earth because I  just wasn't like half the girls in my class.
Questioning someone's nature is like questioning God and I know for a fact that God made no mistake when he made you and I. I believe that everyone was born to serve a purpose on this earth.
if only we could try seeing things for what they really are. Instead of looking at big lips why cant they just be lips. Why cant a fat or skinny or short or dark girl just be a girl?
I don't know if any of this is making sense, my mind is a little clouded right now but what I am simply saying is that DO NOT EVER LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE DIFFERENT!!
Happy weekend.


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