Monday, 22 September 2014

Nina, the story of an imperfect mannequin


‘Throw her out with all the unwanted parts,’ a factory worker said to another. “No one is going to use a mannequin with a missing arm, legs and eye.”
They threw her in a fenced area behind the factory where there were many others like her.  She was relieved that there was a place she could fit it.
“Why is everyone here so sad and gloomy,” she asked.
“What’s there to be happy about when nobody wants us,” they answered.
“I’m sure there’s someone out there who wants us.”
They all burst out in laughter and mocked her.
“It’s good to have dreams, just keep them to yourself.”
Filled with disappointment, she dragged herself to a corner and cried until nightfall.
The stars and moon, shinning in all their glory, heard her crying.
“What’s your name and why are you crying?” they asked her.
“Nina, I am ugly and no one wants me,” she said between sobs.
“Who told you you’re ugly?’
“Look at me; I have one hand, one eye and no legs.”
“You are not ugly, just different and we know someone out there is looking for you.”
Nina thought about what the stars told her and decided that she was not going to cry anymore. While everyone was asleep, she went over to the pile of mannequin parts and begun to fix herself. When she was done, she had one brown and one blue eye, hands of different lengths, one dark and one light leg.
She left before everyone woke up to find a new home for herself. As she walked along people could not help but stare at her, some pointed fingers and laughed at her. She went to different stores, artists and designers but none would give her a chance, they all said she was very odd. After spending all day, looking for someone to take her in, she finally gave up and ended up in an abandoned alley.
She cried her heart out to the heavens, “I don’t want to be alive anymore, can you hear me?”
“Yes I can,” said a voice.
She looked up to see if the stars were talking to her.
“Down here,” the voice said again. It was a man in a long black coat and hair that fell up to his shoulders.
She stood up and walked toward the opening of the alley into the light. The man dropped his jaw when he set his eyes on her.
“I do not believe this,” he said in awe.
“I know I’m ugly,” Nina said.
“Goodness no you are not ugly... you are so different and that is a beautiful thing.”
“Different? That’s what the stars told me,” she replied while wiping the tears from her face.
“ oh yes, the stars, I was wondering out the other night, looking for inspiration and they told me not to give up and that I would find what I was looking for soon. I believe I have found it this night.”
‘Who are you?” asked Nina
“I am jean Philip, a fashion designer.”
Jean Philip was one of the most famous and talented designers in town. He took Nina to his studio, dressed her up in an exquisite gown, and displayed her at the front of his store. Everyone who passed by his store was drawn in by Nina, they were fascinated because they had never seen anything like her before. They took pictures of her and some people even tried to make mannequins like Nina but no one got it right because she was uniquely made.


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