Friday, 24 April 2015

Lunch at Chang Thai

My experience at Chang Thai restaurant was 50% good and that's because of the environment, the frozen mojito, the dessert and the very friendly waitress. The other 50% should have gone to the food and presentation.
First of all I have to say that Chang Thai restaurant is a beautiful place, well decorated and located in a pretty area, Acacia park near Arcades shopping mall. The ambience was amazing, relaxed and very mature. There is no doubt that my friends and I were the only ones below 22 and all dressed casually.
The food menu came and it felt like we spent hours deciding on what to order. There is so much on the menu to choose from it could almost drive you crazy. The same thing happened for the drinks menu and I eventually settled for a frozen Mojito which was heavenly.
I had a little dilemma choosing between red curry and  sweet n sour stir fried chicken. I had to consult with the waitress who convinced me that red curry was the better option.
The fact that she is the one who suggested the red curry surprised me towards the end of me almost finishing my meal when I realized that she brought the sweet and sour stir fried chicken instead of the curry.
I don't even know how I missed that, I blame the mojito. I wasn't the only one that got a wrong order, my friend was served chicken noodles with nuts which she clearly didn't order and almost reacted to the nuts. At least she got the meal she ordered eventually. Other than the wrong dishes, I was a little bothered that the food was slightly warm. Made me start to wonder whether it was fresh because it didn't look that way, the cutlery and serving dishes were not  impressive for a place like that. When I go to a place like Chang Thai, I don't expect to be served in the same dishes that I use at home, throws you off a little.
However, I believe that if the food was steaming hot and presented well, my experience would have been somewhere between 80-90. Would I go back there? definitely, for the drinks and ice cream with chocolate sauce first and some other stuff I was eyeing on the menu.
All in all it is a really beautiful place, nice environment and friendly waiters.

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