Thursday, 20 August 2015

Fashion roundup Friday

oh Friday how I long for you. I think Friday is now my favorite day of the week because of "Fashion round up Friday" where I have complete freedom to sketch what I love and share my likes for the week. This particular Friday has been dominated by Garance Doré illustrations. I have been a fan of her illustrations for a while now, when I started sketching I used them as a sort of practice to improve my sketching and they were horrible trust me. This week I decided to try sketching them again and I am pretty impressed, but of course they are not as good as the original. I also did a sketch of a South Korean jewelry designer, Yoon. I found her picture in the Zambian post newspaper and I loved it.

Garance Doré -inspired-illustration
Garance- Doré-inspired-illustration
Garance-Doré -illustration


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