Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Black of steel by UShi Fabrics

Over the weekend I discovered an amazing collection called Black Of Steel by Zambian designer brand, UShi Fabrics.
The Black Steel collection  was inspired by the strength of a market trader. It tells a story of a woman’s true character. The way it is formed, who or what influences it, how no matter how much bending she does she doesn’t break and when she stays true to what she believes in everything works out right in the end.
 The collection  has 9 outfits, each representing  different stages a woman goes though. Black and White is the main color focus of her character( black symbolizing society and white being her purity) which changes as the stages progress to show how well she gets to know herself and get comfortable with being true to herself. I fell so in love with this collection that I decided to do some illustrations. You can read more about the collection Here
Here is the first look/stage in the collection.


  1. Beautiful post :) You're very talented.

  2. Love the illustration! Do drop by my blog!


  3. These super-cute art.

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  4. I like the story behind the collection.. and of course I love your illustration!!


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